WEBSITE Maintenance

A Monthly Maintenance Package To Ensure Your Site Is Secure

Why do I need a maintenance package?

Primarily, we use WordPress to build websites. While we absolutely feel that it is the best CMS available today, there are some downsides to do with website security that need to be addressed to ensure your site remains secure.

WordPress websites consist of several parts; a WordPress install, a customised theme, and plug-ins – They all work together to display your finished working website. Now, unless these are all kept up to date with the latest versions as and when they become available, hackers can target vulnerabilities within the out of date code. They do this by comparing the code of the lastest plug-in or theme with that of an old version, they then look for what has changed and use the identified vulnerability to gain entry to your website.

What are the risks?

Hacks, breaches, and malicious attacks can have devastating effects on your website and your ranking on google. In the worst case senario, your website could be totally lost and be unrecoverable, or you could be penalised by google, resulting in a dramatic drop in search rankings.

To combat this, we have put together a maintenance package which includes everything you need to ensure your website  is safe secure, and more!

While we can’t completely guarantee that an experienced hacker won’t still be able to find a way in, we can guarentee that if this happens, we will recover your site from a site back-up (taken monthly as part of the maintennace package) for no additional cost.

1 Hour of website support time

This time can be allocated to anything you like. It’s always good to keep the site fresh and updated for SEO purposes as well for returning users! Keeping the site fresh allows you to keep on top of trends.

Regular Website and plugin updates

On a regualr basis we will take the time to update your website as well as its plugins and theme. When they’re out of date, they become a security risk as hackers can exploit any security issues in previous versions.

Monthly Backups

Each month we will backup the site up and save it locally. These backups are to give you a peace of mind, as we will try our best to ensure there no necessary reasons to roll a site back.

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