Moving Forward

What you can do now that your site is live to help build your online presence and extend your local reach.

First Things First: Share the site

When your website goes live, you’re going to want to get some traffic to it. We reccomend the following methods to help get your site noticed and visited by your target audience:

Word of Mouth

The simplist, but by no means most effective, way to get traffic to your site is simply to tell people about it! It’s also a great way to receive feedback about your site!

Social Media

If you have a network of friends and family on your social media, it’s a great way to get the word out. It’s amazing far a post can get when shared online!

Directory Listings

There are many services which allow you to list your new website free of charge. This creates backlinks to your site which is good for SEO!

How Our Team can Help You

After your site goes live, we understand it can be time-consuming to increase the traffic to the . If you’re struggling with what to do once you’re site is live, take a look at some of our expert digitial marketing services below:

Highly Effective PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can generate traffic to your website almost instantly. We can create and manage a highly effective PPC campaign which will bring potential customers to your site in no time! When these potential customers search for keywords in relation to your business, they’ll be presented with a well written and relevant ad linking to your website on the first page of Google. 

Improve Your Search Rankings With Our SEO Packages

Our digital marketing background and expertise ensures we can optimise your site to improve your search rankings in the search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process we can undertake for you to ensure your site ranks higher in the search engines. 


Hacks, breaches, and malicious attacks can have devastating effects on your website and your ranking on google. In the worst case senario, your website could be totally lost and be unrecoverable, or you could be penalised by google, resulting in a dramatic drop in search rankings.

But what do hackers want?

To acquire personal informaion for identity theft

When a site isn’t kept secure, it can give hackers gateways to all your personal information. By keeping everything updated, you are ensuring your information is safe and secure.

To use websites and even personal devices for thier own dark purposes

A minority of users online will use the internet for dark purposes. By breaching your site, it’s possible they can go beyond your site and onto your personal devices.

To acquire banking informtion to use for fraudulent transaction

There are many services which allow you to list your new website free of charge. This creates backlinks to your site which is good for SEO!

We understand you want to keep your new website secure and your information safe, and that’s why we developed our Maintennce Package.


Online reviews hold great importantance. Users of your site will use reviews to make an informed decision on whether to use your product or service. Trying to gain positive reviews will help your business and your website thrive. There are many platforms and ways to gain positive customer reviews, but here’s a few we’d reccomend:

Google Review

Google Reviews will show up as soon as someone googles your business. Your reviews will show with your business profile when displayed on google.

Facebook Review

When users can see reviews from real profiles, they’ll trust these reviews as much as asking a friend. Users who are seeing positive reviews on Facebook are alot more likely to visit your site.

Testimonials for your Website

Once people are visiting your website, they’ll want to be able to see that they can trust the company and that you specically benefit them. Website testimonials can do just that.

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