So after weeks of designing, tweaking and honing your new website it’s all done!

The functionality is great, the colours look fantastic and the sales copy speaks for itself, enticing visitors in and leaving them in no doubt about your quality products and services.

However there may be one crucial element that you’ve overlooked: A Blog!
With clients at every turn and deadlines to meet, writing a blog is one of the easiest things to cut out of your week, yet there are numerous benefits to your website, and business, for having a blog and keeping it updated regularly.

Keep on reading for a few reasons why a blog can be so beneficial….

Creating Business opportunities

Your run of the mill business website will normally only contain a maximum of 10 pages and while you may feel that’s enough to sell your products it might not be enough to bring in those all-important customers – a blog can help you here!

With every blog you create, another web page on your site is indexed in search engines, improving your ranking with the likes of Google. What’s more, if you use your blog to discuss and answer key queries that your target audience is asking, then your business might even appear to them in their searches, in the process helping to drive more traffic to your website. Winner!

More strings to your social media bow

Everyone knows that social media is a great market to tap into when it comes to finding new business and your quality blog can you help you here too.

Your social media feed may become a bit repetitive and dull if you’re only posting about services that you can offer, however your interesting, informative blog will brighten up content no end.

As long as the material is newsworthy, answers questions and discusses topical issues you’ll soon be creating a steady stream of people heading to your site.

Gives you more time to connect with your audience

With so many saturated markets out there it can be difficult to convert traffic to your website into actual sales. They might want to browse the site’s various pages and get a look and feel for your business and tone before making contact – a regularly updated blog can come in handy here.

A blog gives you creative license to express yourself and show visitors that you’re an expert and definitely know your market inside and out. If it’s updated a lot it also shows that you’re passionate, conscientious and take that extra bit of time to promote your business – the kind of thing that can leave a lasting impression vente cialis en france.

Promote yourself

While nobody likes arrogance, your blog can be a good way to show potential customers that you’re successful, hard-working and have dealt with a range of clients. It can help show that you’ve got a great deal of experience, know how to get jobs done and produce some truly brilliant work too.

Also, if you make sure you discuss problems you faced and actually overcame, then you’ll receive credibility and visitors to your site will value your information and analysis, making them want to check back in the future to see how you’re getting on.

This helps build bonds and could even bag you a few extra clients! Of course there are numerous other benefits to blogs too but without creating a second War and Peace we’ll leave you with those four pointers for now.

If you found this interesting make sure you keep an eye on our blog page for further tips, tricks and opinion pieces from our expert digital team.

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